Hey there!

I’m Ashley Headrick…

And I help small businesses share their message and grow their brand through strategic web design.

When I’m not working on websites, you can find me digging in the garden, baking sourdough bread, walking with a friend, or reading a good book. I live on 5 acres in Corcoran, MN with my husband, Chase, and our spunky English Shepherd, Ruby.

the backstory…

I know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

I started my first business in 2013 as a teenager. One friend’s simple request to teach her daughter horseback riding quickly snowballed into a full-blown lesson program with over 60 students.

And so, at 16-years-old, my entrepreneurial journey began. I wore all the hats. From teaching lessons to trimming horse hooves. Scheduling students to keeping the books. Designing the website to managing the farm animals. I did it all.

I enjoyed working on the many different aspects of my business, but marketing, design, copywriting, and content creation especially interested and excited me.

So, I started helping family with their websites.

Each year, as winter set in and the farming season wrapped up, I’d hop on WordPress and start designing. I began gobbling up marketing content, listening to podcasts, and reading business books. As my interest in online marketing continued to grow, I decided it was time to dive in deeper.

In 2021, I closed the farm and launched The Entrepreneur’s Assistant.

Now, I love helping entrepreneurs and small businesses share their message and grow their brand through strategic web design.

– Ashley

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Chase and I were married June 2022


Ruby, our English Shepherd + 14 chickens and 7 ducks

favorite food

Popcorn, 85% dark chocolate, or homegrown tomatoes


Gardening, journaling, and baking sourdough bread